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Welcome to Unfeined Beauty

Founded by Faye Gounder, Unfeined Beauty is a natural beauty products brand that is committed to providing you with high quality 100% natural beauty products at incomparable prices as well as with the service and attention you deserve. Give me a call and make your day so much better.

Unfeined Beauty

Skincare Products

Skin Care Products are only as good as the ingredients used to make them.
“I live by the quote that Natural Beauty takes about 2 hours in front of the mirror. Being a mom and wife is EASY … Looking the part is hard work. Born a Cosmoholic I have always been obsessed with cosmetics. You name it, I’ve used it. Cosmetics have always been part of my life. With age, came wisdom and I was able to find out what worked for me and my skin, what was harmful and what was not.
Handmade with love and of course using all-natural ingredients”

Natural Beauty Products

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